CoreSheetresponsive Sass/CSS3 framework

It’s been a while when I created an own project so today I announce the latest creation: CoreSheet is a responsive Sass/CSS3 framework that includes a percentage-based grid system and various styled HTML components.

CoreSheet - Responsive Sass/CSS3 framework including a grid system

It’s open source and published on GitHub. You can also install it via NPM or Bower. The framework is very compact and made to extend. It comes with adjustable settings for headings, forms, tables, buttons and also CSS styled checkboxes and radio buttons. There are atomic classes for brand colors which will help you to organize your corporate design. You can have a look at the components for a full overview. There are also color themes for your inspiration. The components HTML template is included in the package.

CoreSheet is based on Sass. The framework is built up using variables and mixins so you’re able to quickly adjust the compiled CSS output. The page configuration and design settings are stored in separate Sass files. To compile Sass/SCSS files into CSS, you may use Gulp: a ready-made gulpfile.js is included which will do all the work. It can compile the Sass files directly or through a watcher. Check out the setup to get an overview of the Sass configuration.