PixelZoomer for Chrometool for web developers

Since Firefox is supporting WebExtensions lately, I decided to rebuild PixelZoomer into that form. As a result, PixelZoomer for Chrome is now available. You can install it via the Chrome Web Store directly. The extension comes with a new design that was introduced with PixelZoomer for Windows.

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PixelZoomer for Windowsnow available

My Firefox extension PixelZoomer is now available for Windows: PixelZoomer for Windows is a Windows®-based application that creates a desktop screenshot automatically and allows for pixel-based analysis.

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Angular 2 SeedTypeScript starter project

Angular 2 is getting ready and I wanted a simple boilerplate for upcoming web apps. So I created an own Angular 2 seed based on TypeScript, Sass, SystemJS and Gulp. The seed consists of a minimalistic single page app with some common features.

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CoreSheetresponsive Sass/CSS3 framework

It’s been a while when I created an own project so today I announce the latest creation: CoreSheet is a responsive Sass/CSS3 framework that includes a percentage-based grid system and various styled HTML components.

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Updateplatforms game is open source

A while ago I published my first 3D WebGL game Platforms together with a game framework called THREE.BasicThirdPersonGame. Today I have released the source code of Platforms on GitHub so it’s an open source project from now on.

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