Updateweb development tools online

Today, there is another internal update: all my tools and scripts for web developers can be found in one central place from now on. I created a new website which represents an overview of my resources. I used my GitHub user repository for it and the site is called Web Development Tools.

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Node.jsoverview of Node.js snippets

In order to have my Node.js scripts in one place, I decided to create a small website. The website represents a simple overview of the scripts and is called Node.js Snippets. There you will every Node.js snippet including its source code, a download link and a link to the corresponding Gist.

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AutoReloadrefresh browser automatically

When developing a web site or application, it’s common to start in a local environment. And usually there will be HTML templates which contain CSS user interfaces. In order to speed up the task of local web development, an automatic browser window reload mechanism can help a lot.

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JavaScriptsimple implementation of sprintf

The processing of strings in JavaScript can include different tasks. One of them is the concatenation of two ore more partial strings. This can be achived by using the "+" operator for example. Another way could be the usage of a popular function like sprintf which is known from C++ or PHP.

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Windowsopen folder in command prompt

When working with Node.js, you are normally making heavy use of the console or command prompt. The used operating system doesn’t matter. In a production environment, you usually start the command prompt (cmd.exe/Terminal) and then navigate to the desired directory (via cd).

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