CoreSheetresponsive Sass/CSS3 framework

It’s been a while when I created an own project so today I announce the latest creation: CoreSheet is a responsive Sass/CSS3 framework that includes a percentage-based grid system and various styled HTML components.

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CustomScrollbaruse own scrollbars on web pages

It’s not a total new topic to the world of web design but due to a project there was the need for a custom solution: it’s about designing the native scrollbars you see on the right side of your web browser. Until now there aren’t any possibilities of using CSS to style the visual appearance of this control.

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Updatenew website online

After an ongoing design and development process and periods of reconsideration, it’s finally done: the new web design for the English version of my primary website. With the new design there’s also a new programming which includes responsive optimizations so the website can also be viewed via mobile devices.

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