Angular 2 seedTypeScript starter project

The Angular 2 seed is a starter project for Angular 2 apps. It relies on TypeScript, SystemJS, Gulp and Sass. The project comes with various features you may need to build a typical single page application (SPA).

Angular 2 Seed - A basic Angular 2 TypeScript starter project

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CoreSheetresponsive Sass/CSS3 framework

CoreSheet is an open source CSS framework for front-end web developers. It is completely customizable and comes with a set of styled HTML components. It provides a percentage-based responsive grid system and gives developers full control over the design settings.

CoreSheet - A responsive Sass/CSS3 framework for desktop and mobile web projects

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Mobile App Framework MatrixiOS/Android apps in JavaScript

The Mobile App Framework Matrix represents a comparison and documentation of current technologies for building native iOS and Android apps with a single JavaScript code base. Web developers shall get an overview of the frameworks and their features.

Mobile App Framework Matrix - Build iOS/Android apps with a single JavaScript code base

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Tooltip.jsHTML5 mouseover tooltips

Tooltip.js is a basic example of how data attributes can be used to add a tooltip functionality to DOM elements. The tooltips are created by reading out the title attribute and can be configured by passing a JSON option string to the data attribute.

Tooltip.js - A basic mouseover tooltip script

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THREE.Basic Third Person Gamestarter kit for WebGL games

THREE.BasicThirdPersonGame is a free open source JavaScript micro-framework for WebGL games based on THREE.js and Cannon.js. THREE.js is one of the most popular 3D engines on the web while Cannon.js represents a simple, fast and lightweight physics engine.

THREE.BasicThirdPersonGame - starter-kit for WebGL games

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PixelZoomerzoom, measure and pick colors

PixelZoomer is a Windows®-based application for web developers which allows for zooming into websites. The core features are characterized by tools for pixel perfect measuring of distances and picking colors (HEX codes) with an eye dropper.

PixelZoomer - zoom, measure and pick colors

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CustomScrollbaruse CSS scrollbars on websites

CustomScrollbar.js is a small script allows you to style the vertical scrollbar of the entire web page by using CSS. You can adjust the appearance of the scrollbar background and the scroll thumbs that include arrows for scrolling up and down.

CustomScrollbar - use CSS scrollbars on websites

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Karma HTMLfile reporterdisplay unit test results in HTML

This is a plugin for the Karma Test Runner. By adding this reporter to your karma configuration, unit test results will be exported as a styled HTML file. For each test browser, a separate table is generated. The plugin is based on the karma-junit-reporter plugin.

Karma HTMLfile reporter - display unit test results in HTML

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Canvas Animation Playgroundcreate animations in real-time

This is an experimental tool for creating HTML5 canvas animations. Just type in JavaScript code and it will be interpreted for the <canvas> box on the right side. The function "CanvasAnimationLoop()" gets called on every browser frame via "requestAnimationFrame".

Canvas Animation Playground - create animations in real-time

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HTMLiveCodeeditor for HTML/CSS/JS prototypes

HTMLiveCode is a simple editor which is built on top of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It was made for the editing of these languages and can be used for rapid prototyping. The editor can be customized in its appearance so there are themes and some other editor options.

HTMLiveCode - editor for HTML/CSS/JS prototyes

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JavaScript Framework Matrixframeworks and their functions

The JavaScript Framework Matrix ought to give you an overview of popular JavaScript frameworks and their functions. There are various examples for the frameworks and every snippet contains links to the official documentation.

JavaScript Framework Matrix - frameworks and their functions

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LazyReloadreloads a page automatically

The LazyReload library monitors changes on predefined files and refreshes the browser window automatically whenever one of these files was changed. It uses XMLHttpRequests (Ajax) and a certain interval to read out the latest information of the monitored files.

LazyReload - reloads a page automatically

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jQuery HoverCrossfadeimage crossfade hover effects

A jQuery plugin that replaces the default CSS mouse hover with an image crossfade hover effect. The plugin is based on the "background-image" attribute and simply crossfades between two images. You can set the delays for fading in and out in the options of the plugin.

jQuery HoverCrossfade - image crossfade hover effects

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PageSliderbrowse your bookmarks faster

PageSlider allows you to generate a bookmarklet (JavaScript macro) which contains a list of your personal website favorites. The list is displayed in a special way so that you can switch between many pages easily. Only the current page and the following page are being loaded.

PageSlider - browse your bookmarks faster

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