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Size1Speed2Extensions3UI Toolkits4LicenseDocumentation5Books6
55,9 KB1300 - 1500 msPluginsYesGPL/MITAPI / TUT / DMOYes
65,0 KB460 - 490 msPluginsYesMITAPI / TUT / DMOYes
79,6 KB390 - 410 msWidgetsYesAFL/BSDAPI / TUT / DMOYes
126,0 KB470 - 490 ms-NoMITAPI / TUTYes
245,0 KB?SamplesNoMITAPI / DMOYes
78,8 KB?SamplesYesGPLAPI / TUT / DMOYes
25,3 KB?WidgetsNoBSDAPI / DMO-
84,0 KB?WidgetsNoALAPI / DMO-
16,9 KB?WidgetsBetaBSDAPI / TUT / DMOYes

1The size corresponds to the minified version of the main library (basic functions without effects) if there exists such a version. 2The results have been determined with TaskSpeed and may vary according to your browser. The differences are minor and could become noticeable in more complex projects only. 3Extensions are complete applications which are available on the official website of a framework and can be used directly. 4A UI Toolkit offers user interface elements, which can be used for designing and developing interactive web applications. 5The documentation is defined by API references (API), tutorials (TUT) und demos (DMO). 6Date: September 2009

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