• Zoom and pan for exact navigation in the view area
  • A selection tool for pixel perfect measurements
  • Color values can be selected and copied directly (like #000000)
  • Zoom levels from 100% to 3200%
  • Save screenshots as PNG file
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Video demonstration

Version 1.3 released

A new version of PixelZoomer has been finished. The changes:

  • New: Real time zoom tool
  • New: Additional pixel info window at cursor
  • New: Screenshots can be saved as file or opened in a new tab
  • New: Selection can be filled with color
  • New: Option to exclude hash mark in eye dropper value
  • New: Global keyboard shortcut to open PixelZoomer
  • Removed: Java rendering (Windows XP/Firefox 3.* users: For Java, please use version 1.2.1 of PixelZoomer)
  • fixed some minor issues

This version is compatible with Firefox 5.

Version 1.2 / Version 1.2.1 released

This update is a port of PixelZoomer for Firefox 4 (Beta). The option for Java rendering has been added again with version 1.2.1 because in Firefox 3.6 and some systems, there still may occur differences when using the canvas method.

Version 1.1 released (Version 1.1.1 is a minor release)

PixelZoomer has received a first update which can be installed via Firefox or manually. The improvements of the new version at a glance:

  • PixelZoomer can now also be opened in a tab
  • a separate pan button in the toolbar
  • selections can be deselected
  • an undo/redo function
  • keyboard shortcuts can be modified
  • additional zoom buttons in the toolbar
  • the view is always being zoomed into the mouse pointer when zooming with the mouse
  • better scroll speed for larger window sizes
  • minor improvements

Have fun with the new functions!

Older versions of PixelZoomer

Users of older Firefox versions will find archived XPI files of PixelZoomer here. Every version is fully functional.


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